Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tanenglians charged!

GOVERNMENT prosecutors yesterday filed criminal charges against billionaire Mariano Tanenglian, his wife and two children before the Quezon City Regional Trial Court for kidnapping, serious illegal detention and eight counts of child abuse in connection with the alleged maltreatment of a housemaid.

In a 17-page resolution, the Department of Justice Task Force on Women and children Protection accused Tanenglian, his wife, Aleta and children Fayette and Maximillian of allegedly maltreating Mary Jane Sollano 19, in their residence at 30 Biak na Bato St., Quezon City. Kidnapping and trafficking of persons are non-bailable crimes.

Sollano claimed in her complaint that the Tanenglians committed horrible abuses on her that included maltreatment, serious illegal detention, slavery and frustrated homicide.

The DOJ Task Force found that Sollano was only 13 when she was employed as a housemaid by the Tanenglians in 2004.

Sollano said that she was locked up, not allowed to communicate with relatives, and was kicked slapped and suffered various physical abuses even for minor mistakes.

Aleta and Fayette allegedly took nude pictures of the maid while hitting her with an iron bar and thick slippers. In another instance, Fayette allegedly poured hot and water on Solano’s hands when she was caught stealing food, while Maximillian allegedly chained her hands and neck to the point of choking her when she was caught getting food from the refrigerator.

“Within this period, complainant suffered cruelty, physical abuse from the hands of respondents, and had been subjected to a condition prejudicial to her normal development as a child,” the DOJ resolution read.

The DOJ team of investigators also found out that Sollano was illegally deprived of her liberty by the respondents for more than five years. “This detention was coupled with threat that if she made an attempt to leave, something great harm will happen to her,” it added.

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January 15, 2010


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