Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another maid files criminal charges against businessman

Another criminal complaint for serious illegal detention and serious physical detention has been filed by physical detention has been filed by a househelp against a businessman.

In a criminal complaint before the Department of Justice (DOJ), the complainant, Gina Renacia Renacia, 33 accused Mariano Tanenglian and his family members Aleta, Adeline and Junjun of abusing her.

“It appears that herin victim Renacia, then a 15-year-old minor, was formerly employed as housemaid at the residence of the afore-named respondents.

Investigation showed sometime in November 1992, Renacia, while working as “kasambahay” at the abode, suffered physical and mental abuse from the afore-named respondents, thereby causing physical and emotional distress upon her person, the complaint said.

Renacia filed the complaint before PNP Women’s Desk SPO1 Florence Costanilla.
At various times, the Tanenglian househelp claimed she was beaten up, forced to shave her head and slapped whenever she did something wrong.

In another time, in November 1992, Aleta pressed a hot iron to her back.
She said she was forced to undergo treatment at the Philippine General Hospital.

Two former maids of the family of Tanenglian earlier had filed aomplaints of illegal detention and physical injuries against their employer before the Quezon City police.

One of the housemaids escaped while the other was rescued by authorities on Aug. 10 from the Tanenglian residence at 30 Biak na Bato corner Dapitan Streets, Sto. Domingo Village.

Mary Jane Sollano, 18, who hails from Zamboanga del Sur, and Aljane Bacanto, 19, from Leyte, went to Station 1 of the Quezon City Police District to file the Complaint accompanied by their lawyer Al Parreno.

He said they filed charges of serious illegal detention and physical injuries against Mariano, his wife and their two children.

He added Sollano has been staying at the Tanenglian household for five years, while Bacanto served the family for three years. The two claimed to have been maltreated, not paid wages and barred from going out of the house.

Bacanto managed to escaped from the Tanenglian residence earlier this month and informed Sollano’s parents about her plight.

Sollano’s parents then sought. The help of the Commission on Huamn Rights and the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

Lawyer Melanie Trinidad said during the negotiation for Sollano’s release, she and Sollano’s father were asked by the Tanenglian family counsel to sign a waiver that she would not press charges against them.

Parreno of Diaz, Parreno and Caringal Law Office said he has taken over as lawyer of the maids although Trinidad was still “helping in the case” without elaborating.
He said he was handling several cases at the Station 1 and volunteered his services. Parreno said the maids were undergoing counseling through Teresita Ang See’s Kaisa Foundation which helps battered women.

Benjamin Pulta
The Daily Tribune, Page 4
December 07,2009


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