Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another housemaid sues billionaire employer

Another housemaid of businessman Mariano Tanenglian yesterday filed charges against him and his family before the Department of Justice.

Aljane Bacanto, 19, filed maltreatment, serious illegal detention, slavery and frustrated homicide charges against Tanenglian, his wife Aleta and children Maximillian and Fayette, all of Bgy. Siena, Quezon City.

Bacanto said she was detained and was never allowed to go out of the house in her three years of employment.

She confirmed fellow housemaid Mary Jane Sollano’s statement that the Tanenglians virtually cut them from the outside world, prohibiting them from calling anybody.

Bacanto said she was only allowed to write letters to her family but upon dictation of Fayette who warned her not to tell her parents about her situation.

“They made me a slave without salary and enough food,” she said.

She added the refrigerators were padlocked and sometimes they were not fed for three days prompting them to steal food.

However, they were beaten black and blue when caught particularly by Aleta, Fayette and Maximillian. She said there was a time that she was forced to eat dog food just to survive.

After leaving the Tanenglian household in February, Bacato immediately alerted Sollano’s parents which led to the latter’s rescue last month.

Sollano was the first to file charges against the Tanenglians.

Fernando M. Cariaso
People’s Journal
September 9, 2009
Page 11


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