Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another maid sues Tanenglian

Another maid is suing Mariano Tanenglian and his family for abuse and other forms of maltreatment while working in the household since 2006 until she was allowed to leave last February.

Assisted by her lawyer Al Parreno, Aljane Bacanto, 19 years old, of Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte, charged Tanenglian, his wife Aleta and children Maximillian and Fayette also for serious illegal detention, slavery and frustrated homicide.

Bacanto was responsible for the rescue from the Tanenglian residence in Siena, Quezon City, of colleague, Mary Jane Sollano, who has filed a similar criminal complaint against the Tanenglian family last Aug. 27 before the Justice Department.

“I was detained inside the house. For almost three years, I was never allowed to go out—not even once,” she said, in Filipino.

While she was allowed to write her family in Tacloban, Bacanto said Fayette warned her against talking about her situation at work.

“They made me a slave without salary and enough food.”

Bacanto said this deprivation of food made them steal food and when caught were mauled by Aleta, Fayette and Maximillian.

Sollano, who had been working for the Tanenglians since 2004, was rescued last Aug. 10 by the Quezon City policemen along with staff from the Commission on Human Rights and the Social Welfare Department.

Fearing she was dead, her parents learned of their daughter’s whereabouts only through Bacanto.

The father then sought the help of friends and private lawyers who raised Sollano’s complaint before the commission.

In her affidavit citing unusual punishment, Sollano said Fayette put her hands in scalding water when found eating, including instances of sexual abuse.

“They would hit me... and threaten me that they would show my nude photos to other people or bring me to a nightclub owned by ate Aleta’s friend.”
Sollano alleged that Fayette and Aleta once brought her to a room to take her pictures without her clothes on.

She said her two-year contract ended in 2006 but was made to sign another one without knowing that it covered an additional two-year period.

Manila Standard Today
September 9, 2009
Page A3


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