Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tan brother faces another abuse charge

Another former maid of the Mariano Tanenglian household has filed criminal charges against him and his immediate family for alleged maltreatment, serious illegal detention, slavery and frustrated homicide.

Aljane Bacanto, 19, filed a complaint against Tanenglian his wife Aleta and children Marvin and Fayette for the alleged maltreatment she suffered during her three years of being employed as a maid at the Tanenglian’s residence in Quezon City.

Bacanto told of instances of abuse such as when because of extreme hunger, she and a fellow maid had to eat dog food and were beaten up when they were caught.

Tanenglian is a brother of tycoon Lucio Tan with whom he has been at odds over personal and business matters.

Bacanto narrated how she and other maids were neither given food nor their just wages for the long hours of work they put in. She added that they weren’t allowed to go out of the house or talk to anyone on the phone.
The family, she said, would lock the house whenever the Tanenglians would leave.

Lawyer Raymund Quiros, legal counsel for the Tanenglians, said his client is the subject of an orchestrated move to put his client in a bad light.

Quiros, nonetheless, said his clients would be ready to answer all the allegations against them.

Philippine Daily Inquirer
September 9, 2009
Page A3


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