Saturday, August 22, 2009

2 maids file complaint vs Tan brother

Two former housemaids of the businessman-brother of tycoon Lucio Tan Thursday filed a complaint against Mariano Tanenglian and his family, alleging that they were maltreated and detained against their will.

“They filed their complaint against the Tanenglian family for maltreatment and illegal detention and were accompanied by a lawyer,” said Police Officer 3 Marilou Salanap, Women’s Desk investigator of the QCPD Station 1 in La Loma, Quezon City.

Salanap said Mary Jane Sollano, 18, from Zamboanga del Sur, and Aljane Bacanto, 19, from Leyte did not give other details.

According to Al Pareno, the victims’ lawyer, the subjects of the complaint were Mariano, his wife, Aleta, and their two children, Marvin and Fayette.
Sollano was rescued by the Commission on Human Rights and police from Tanenglian’s house in Biak na Bato, Quezon City on Aug. 10, following Bacanto’s escape earlier.

A police report showed that Sollano’s father accepted P150,000 from Tanenglian in exchange for a signed document saying they would not pursue and participate in a case filed against Tanenglian.

But Pareno said the waiver signed by Sollano’s father had no bearing on the complaint filed against Tanenglian.

“The compromise agreement is different from the complaints of the victims,” the lawyer said. The complaints indicated that Sollano, who said she was employed by the Tanenglian family for five years, was maltreated by the family, just like Bacanto, who stayed with the family for three years. Both also claimed they were not paid for their work and were not allowed to leave the house nor communicate with relatives.

The two are now under the care of Kaisa Foundation which helps women who have been victims of violence.

Inquirer tried but failed to reach Tanenglian for comment.

Philippine Daily Inquirer
August 21, 2009
Page A25


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