Saturday, August 29, 2009

Maid raps billionaire boss

The 18-year old battered housemaid earlier rescued by authorities from the house of her billionaire employer in Quezon City yesterday filed charges before the Department of Justice.

Represented by her lawyer, victim Mary Jane Sollano filed maltreatment, serious illegal detention, slavery and frustrated homicide charges against Mariano Tanenglian, his wife Aleta, and children Maximillian and Fayette.

Sollano’s affidavit detailed how she was physically and mentally abused by the family from July up to Aug. 10 this year.

She said she and her fellow helpers were not allowed to use the telephone, laugh, sit in the family’s chairs, look outside the window, watch TV, eat at any time, sleep or rest, read or even write.

She alleged Aleta and Fayette took nude photos of her and threatened to show it to other people.

Sollano was rescued by agents of the Quezon City Police District, Commission on Human Rights and Social Welfare and Development from Tanenglian’s house last Aug. 10.

People’s Journal
August 28, 2009
Page 7


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